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How to Learn French in 3 Months with Audio Books 

Many of us have taken foreign languages in high school or even college but how many of us can actually say we remember any of it? I personally wanted to learn French when I was younger. For the most part I did it for fun I really didn't necessarily think I would need it in life. As an American we sometime take for granted that we will be able to go to any country and English will be spoken.

Well I was wrong. I was sent to France for a business assignment early in my career. I could not remember anything that was taught to me in school. It really was like being a fish out of water because everywhere I went, everyone was speaking French. Finding someone who could speak English was like finding someone in England who could speak Japanese. I really felt isolated.

I decided not to learn the language though, since I wasn't going to be coming back to France. Of that I was convinced. To my horror after getting back home, my boss told me I had to go back in 3 months. The icing on the cake was that I would also have to stay longer.

At that point I really didn't have much of choice. I had to learn French in the next 3 months of my experience would be worse than before. I wasn't sure if I could learn French in 3 months but I sure was going to give it the college try.

Being a lover of audio books, I went right ahead and bought "Teach Yourself French" audio books, which I played while getting ready for work in the morning, while exercising, during my commute to and from work and any other time when my hands were busy but my mind was free. At first I didn't pay too much attention to what was being said in the "Teach Yourself French" audio books because it was a strange language. But as time went on, it all started to make sense. What really helped was the translations to English for any word spoken in French. This really confirmed what I had read sometime ago about the power of listening. No wonder God gave us 2 ears and just one mouth. This means just listening is powerful enough to learn virtually any language.

You wouldn't believe it but gradually I picked up and was able to speak a significant amount of French just 6 weeks after.  You can imagine the surprise on the face of my boss when, 10 weeks later, I spoke French to her without mixing it with a single word of English! She couldn't believe it and asked me how I was able to do it. I told her - audio books!

Not only was she very impressed, she made me the head of the group she was sending to represent our company in France. She made sure every other member of my team got their audio books and did exactly what I had done. When I eventually went back to France 3 months later, I was no longer "a fish out of water".

It was really incredible, but I was able to learn French without taking any classes, without hiring any private French tutor, without reading any "French tutorial" books. All of this was possible within 3 months from just listening to French audio book lessons.  Do you know what was most intriguing about this? I did this all in my "free" time. I didn't commit any special time to this, but the same time I had wasted in the past. If I could do this within 3 months, I am certain anyone else can do it too.

If there is any language you would love to learn, follow my footsteps and you will be pleasantly surprised what can happen in just 3 months, with the power of audio books. There are several audio book versions of many leading foreign language study courses that you can get on the Internet. You can start your search from CreateTimeAudio.com directly or via the search engines.