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Recommended Children's Audio Book Series

A great way to expose your children to audio books is to get some of these award winning titles in audio books series.  Book Series are great because they have proven that they are entertaining enough to continue to produce books with the same characters and the same environments...

 Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Magic


The Chronicles of Narnia

For decades, CS Lewis' book series The Chronicles Of Narnia has had children bumping their heads into the backs of old cupboards looking for a winter wonderland populated by fauns, centaurs and talking beavers. This series of popular favourites will extend the imagination beyond its limits and is well worth a listen.

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The Oz Collection

Parent's Choice Award Winner, Golden Headset Award Winner

Reviewed by David Baker – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website.

The Wonderful World of Oz Audio Theatre Production by Colonial Radio Theatre is a marvelous collection … featuring the first five stories in the Oz series: The Wizard of Oz, The Marvelous Land of Oz, Ozma of Oz, Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz, and The Road to Oz.

The Colonial Radio Players do a good job in bringing to life the Oz characters. Amy Strack has a youthful, yet intelligent voice which is great for Dorothy. Leigh Ann Price does an equally fine job with Princess Ozma, with her regal and playful voice. With sound effects, characters come to life as they had never have before, most notably Tik-Tok and the Musicker. The sound effects of Nick Chopper walking is entirely convincing.

Listening to the stories reveals fresh insights into some of the characters. In Ozma of Oz, the Nome King is portrayed more as a trickster than an evil villain. In The Road to Oz, Button Bright is not an annoying little boy, but an inquisitive youth who asks about things by repeating the familiar phase, "Don't know."

It is fascinating to listen to "L. Frank Baum" as he reads the introduction to each of the stories. One can hear his frustration in not being able to write other stories, when his "loving tyrants" cry out, "Oz! Oz! More about Oz!" Baum can't even write an Oz story without Dorothy because, "It isn't a real Oz story without her."

The Wonderful World of Oz Audio Theatre Production will make a nice addition to any Oz collector's collection.

From The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website, http://www.eskimo.com/~tiktok/index.html


Imagine what it would be like to discover you aren't the person you thought you were.

"That's what happened to Bobby Pendragon. He was living the life of a normal 14 year old guy, until his Uncle Press came by one night to say: "I need your help." From that moment on, nothing was the same. He and his uncle were swept off on a series of adventures that would take them through both time and space. Their mission? To protect the territories of Halla from a demon named Saint Dane, a cold-blooded villian who wants nothing less than the destruction of all humanity. The only force standing in Saint Dane's way is a mysterious group of people called...Travelers."   D.J McHale


Noble Warriors

From Booklist
Gr. 6-9. If one were to categorize fantasies with respect to religion, Nicholson's first entry in his new Noble Warriors series would side with C. S. Lewis, not Philip Pullman: its 16-year-old hero vows to protect his compassionate, monotheistic religion from destruction, even as his rejection by its exclusive sect of warrior-monks tests his faith. Seeker's quest brings him to the culturally distinct city of Radiance, where evildoers plot to send a suicide bomber into the Noble Warriors' stronghold. Tight plotting and numerous perspectives, including those of a devout shepherd girl, a not-quite-reformed bandit, and Seeker's elder brother (a shamefully defrocked Noble Warrior), lend the novel a cinematic breadth perfectly consistent with Nicholson's background as a Hollywood screenplay writer. Less appealing is the often heavy-handed moralizing, particularly apparent in the portrayal of Radiance's mercenary citizens, who offer human sacrifices to prove their wealth and status. All the same, readers with a strong belief in their own god may welcome a novel that depicts such unswerving devotion in young people, and fans of Nicholson's Wind Singer trilogy will find many of its same attractions reincarnated here. Jennifer Mattson
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

'Scales' The Dragon

When Sam Luckett rescues a young dragon from the bars of the baby swings, he and his companions in Class 4 soon discover that there is only one certainty: with a friend like ‘Scales’ things can never be the same again!

Described as ‘Harry Potter for the under-8s’, this best-selling book filled with June Counsel’s extraordinary characters is brought superbly to life and features specially written music.

The adventures of Sam and Scales continue in A DRAGON IN SPRING TERM and A DRAGON IN SUMMER.

Parallel Worlds

In the first book of Matthew Peterson's Parallel Worlds series (Paraworld Zero), Simon Kent, a 12-year-old orphan boy from Earth, meets an odd girl named Tonya who strands them on a parallel world called Pudo. There, Simon befriends a teenager from each of the conflicting groups who live on the strange planet...

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The Oracle Trilogy

In the first part of a trilogy set in an ancient arid land, a young priestess puts her own life in danger to find a very special child...

Robin Hood

An action adventure read by Richard Armitage, who plays Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood, and featuring Robin and his loyal band of brothers, as seen in the hit BBC TV series.

Tarzan of The Apes

Tarzan calls upon jungle beasts to help him find his kidnapped son.

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Classics, Under 10's, Over 10's and Horror & Ghost Stories

Enchanted Tales

Fairy tales told in the elaborate CRT style! Lush music, hundreds of sound effects and the incredible Colonial Radio Players bring this classic stories to life. Join the "Teller of Tales" as he wanders over brooks, meadows, forests and glens searching for enchanted tales to tell. Listen to this series of classics including Jack in the Beanstalk and Snow White.

Land of Elyon

Alexa and her friends must venture farther than they've ever gone before - confronting giants, bats, ravenous dogs, and a particularly ghoulish mastermind in order to bring back peace.

The Fliss Morgan Mysteries

During a school trip, Fliss Morgan discovers that there is an evil secret lurking behind the door of Room 13 of the Crow's Nest Hotel...

Ulysses Moore

The first in an action-packed new series full of mysteries, puzzles, and codes – in the tradition of Chasing Vermeer and The Spiderwick Chronicles.

Dark Claw - The Saga

Far away in a distant galaxy, the battle between Kat and Muss is about to begin, for one evil Kat, Dark Claw, is intent on destroying the entire Muss civilisation! It is time for the brave young Muss warriors, Onlee One, Hammee and Chin Chee, to put their unique powers to the test... This great saga follows the exploits of Onlee One and his friends as they battle to save the whole muss civilisation from Dark Claw. Why does Dark claw hate the muss so? Why is Onlee Ona an orphan and why can't he unblock his nose. What is the guiding paw? All theses questions and more are answered in Dark Claw - The Saga.

Town and Country stories

Four of Shoo Rayner's well loved stories about the town and the country.

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